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CNC Koekkoek Pencil

First attempt to use a pencil on a cnc plotter. It works but you don’t have a consistent line thickness. Next time I will use a fineliner pencil.

The scene is made in Blender, using freestyle. I am working on a 3d reconstruction of a painting by Koekkoek.

Makeup with laser

I am trying to make a small laser engraver work together with my cnc router. The router to cut away the material and the laser to add makeup. My attempt to use a marker pen failed because of the properties of wood.

For now I am quite happy. I would like some more gradient, but every wood is different so I have to do more testing. The small scale is adding a layer of difficulty. The face is less than 30mm in height.

Next I will try to make a car and use the laser to accentuate the edges.

3ds Max Out Blender In

I stopt my subscription for 3ds Max. I still love the program but I didn’t find the upgrades worth the money anymore. I will keep my 2014 version till its old and rusty, but I forsee decline in uptodateness in the near future.

I found a new love.. Blender. I’m learning like a fanatic and I must say; I’m impressed. The program looks solid and the UI sensible. I love the sculpting mode. I never got used to Zbrush.

Whats best (being Dutch).. Updates are frequent and free!

We’ll see..

First Sculpt in Blender

Import oh la di ye

I found out it is possible to import models from FSX into 3ds Max via Blender and then export to obj so you can import it into Vue. Are you still following me? It is not so hard but also not easy. Especially textures is hard work. I Thank Aerosoft for their beautiful F16 model.