CNC Koekkoek Pencil

First attempt to use a pencil on a cnc plotter. It works but you don’t have a consistent line thickness. Next time I will use a fineliner pencil.

The scene is made in Blender, using freestyle. I am working on a 3d reconstruction of a painting by Koekkoek.

Makeup with laser

I am trying to make a small laser engraver work together with my cnc router. The router to cut away the material and the laser to add makeup. My attempt to use a marker pen failed because of the properties of wood.

For now I am quite happy. I would like some more gradient, but every wood is different so I have to do more testing. The small scale is adding a layer of difficulty. The face is less than 30mm in height.

Next I will try to make a car and use the laser to accentuate the edges.

John Singer Sargent

Wooden sculpture
3D Design

A few years ago I read the book; Sargent’s Daughters by Erica E. Hirshler. A biography of a painting. This was the start of my interest in art history. I am sorry but I had never heard of John Singer Sargent before this book. In Holland they teach you everything about Dutch painters, some other european painters, but thats about it. Every country has its own Rembrandt and in my opinion Sargent is the Rembrandt of the USA.

I wanted to make a wooden sculpture of him after my Sorolla buste. My son asked me to make one of Rembrandt next. I might. I also want to make a sculpture of Modigliani in the future. But there are less photos of him available. 

I hope you like it.