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Hongkong a lovely city.

I love the double-decker trams. I love the walled city look. I love the sounds, smell and food. I love the chaos. I love the relaxation. I love Hongkong.

It has been a long time ago since I visited Hongkong for the last time, so I have to use my imagination.

I made this image using Blender mostly.

Iray motionblur

Iray with motion blur; a new feature in 3ds Max 2013.. nice 🙂

From the inside

One from the inside.

3d Street

I know you might be tired of 3d after watching all those 3d movies in cinema lately, but get your red/green glasses and have a look anyway

p.s. the driver is getting a soda from a shop in the alley on the left 😉

Moving cart

A moving cart you see often in Hong Kong. A prop for my HK animation.

Chinese Poster

I wanted to see how the taxi would fit in the scene. Ended up with this pleasing image.


Taxi from Hong Kong

I’m still working on my Honk Kong modern fairy tale. It is a slow progress because I started working in high detail.. bad mistake 😉


Interior of Hong Kong Tram

Probably not so visible from the outside at the camera-angels I’m planning to use the Tram, but I just love making the interior of this tram. Finding reference images was a challenge.

Max 2012

New Viewport Styles

3ds Max 2012 is out now! Looks promising. This is a screengrab from the viewport. I have to find out how to render it this way.. if possible.

Double Decker Tram

Wireframe Tram

I’m now working on a double decker tram. When finished it will be a backdrop in my Honk Kong street.