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Young Rebel

This is a work in progress. I’m planning to finish this image somewhat different. No Star Wars for one. But the Star Wars bug got me. So I added the stormtrooper (thx JJ Palomo) and the rebel logo and called it finished.

The original plan is inspired by ArtStation. I really love the 2d concept art images on this site. I wanted to make concept art too but with 3d , because I can’t draw or paint well. So my initial drive was to make a fast build, sculpted and textured image. I failed. Most meshes are build extremely fast, but then I got caught up in details.

I’m learning Blender and by taking on a whole project is often times the best way; lather, rinse, repeat. I had to go back to 3ds Max a few times, but found it difficult to find my way around. Some other external programs were used. Blender is getting there but there are a few specialized programs, better suited for some stuff, out there. There are so many tutorials on how to do Blender that I can’t even start to thank all the makers, but thank you all.

Blender Boat

I’m learning how to use Blender. I’m now focused on line art. In this image I wanted it to be subtle.
Inspired by Rembrandt, Benson, Monet and Sorolla.


Blender Boat

Kitchen Design

We are designing our new kitchen. Any suggestions?


First render of my animatics. It will help me to previsualize my script and make a storyboard and shotlist.


I’m building a cockpit for a movie project I’m working on at the moment. Today I finished the seat (at least most of it). I have to add the seatbelts.

Moving cart

A moving cart you see often in Hong Kong. A prop for my HK animation.


Taxi from Hong Kong

I’m still working on my Honk Kong modern fairy tale. It is a slow progress because I started working in high detail.. bad mistake 😉


Interior of Hong Kong Tram

Probably not so visible from the outside at the camera-angels I’m planning to use the Tram, but I just love making the interior of this tram. Finding reference images was a challenge.

Double Decker Tram

Wireframe Tram

I’m now working on a double decker tram. When finished it will be a backdrop in my Honk Kong street.

Cloth in Place

Cloth in Place

A test render to see how the clothes I recently made, fit in the scene. I might have to upscale them a little.